What's Happening

  • Agincourt Collegiate has been recognized, for many years, for its outstanding arts and music programs – and for the enthusiasm and dedication of its 1,400 students, many of whom are members of its award-winning orchestras and choirs.

    ACI offers our community the opportunity to enjoy the excellence and efforts of its talented staff and students, at these events.

  • Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School has also been recognized for the excellence of its instrumental and vocal music programs – ones that help its graduating students to easily ‘fit’ with high quality programs at nearby Agincourt Collegiate.

    You are invited to contact the school for more information.

  • Community events will be one of the features of this new Sheppard East Village BIA  website – and neighbourhood organizations are invited to contact the Executive Director, Ernie McCullough [ ernie@sevbia.com ] with information about their events that are open to the public - they would like SEV BIA to help promote.

    We will also be providing information about upcoming events and activities being  organized by members of SEV BIA – to which everyone is welcome.

    Our goal will be to highlight upcoming events and to refer you to the organization that is sponsoring or presenting the event – to obtain all of the event information you will need. Here are a few upcoming events of which SEV BIA is aware.