Totally New Website Launched

Sheppard East Village is delighted to announce that its new website is now functioning - and will help to link neighbourhood residents, businesses, professional offices, facilities, schools and community organizations.

One highlight of this site is the ability to call up information about businesses and professional offices in our neighbourhood – either by their names or their fields. SEV will continue working with its members, to try to provide the information that people in the neighbourhood want.

Another feature will be our providing links to the nearby schools, facilities and organizations – so you can obtain their information, when you need it. A third highlight will be our upcoming events section – which will help identify and promote events in our neighbourhood, organized by our SEV businesses and professional offices, as well as by other nearby community groups.

The other key feature of our new website is that it will allow SEV BIA to communicate directly with people through social media.

Please feel free to visit our website regularly. It will deliver the information that people in our neighbourhood want – and that Sheppard East Village is pleased to provide.