New Community Association Formed

Sheppard East Village BIA congratulates the residents who have recently formed the Agincourt Village Community Association (AVCA).

This new Association will represent those who live between Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road, from the CP Rail tracks, south of Sheppard Avenue, to Finch Avenue.

All residents within these boundaries are invited to become members of AVCA.  The annual fee per household is $20.

The goals of AVCA are to preserve the historic community of old Agincourt and to ensure its safety by being a collective voice to address changes that affect this neighbourhood.

AVCA is actively involved in commenting on plans for the expanded Go Transit and Smart Track service, that will run through their area, and the new stop being built at Sheppard Avenue East.

AVCA’s founding officers are President Rhoda Potter, Vice-President Randy MacDougall, Secretary Christine Lincoln and Treasurer Richard Yang.

Sheppard East Village looks forward to working with AVCA in matters of mutual interest and concern for the area that we share and the people that we serve.

AVCA points of contact have been added to our list of nearby community organizations.