Members’ Transit Questionnaire Results

In the spring of 2014, the Sheppard East Village Business Improvement Association (SEV BIA) completed 3 activities related to our members’ opinions about transit planning in our area.

On April 16, an area transit information meeting was organized, for SEV BIA members only, with presentations by officials from Metrolinx, TTC and GO Trains. 

All SEV BIA members were provided with points of contact for the 2 MPPs, 2 MPs and 2 City Councillors - our representatives at the 3 levels of government that decide the type of transit in

our area and how it will be funded.  It was suggested that BIA members convey any transit opinions directly to these political representatives, if they were so inclined.

A questionnaire inquiring into their transit views and opinions – prepared by a marketing consultant - was also distributed to all 704 SEV BIA members.

27 completed questionnaires were returned to the consultant  = 3.8% response rate.   Direct mail average, with incentives, is 2% to 3% responses.  677 questionnaires were not returned.

                       Opinions from questionnaires returned by SEV BIA members:


“Bloor-Danforth Subway extension to Sheppard and McCowan was approved and requires $700 million to be raised by City taxes.  It will directly link our BIA with midtown Toronto and beyond.”

                                                       89%  In Favour                                      11%  Opposed 

“LRT service on Sheppard Avenue East was approved and the $1.1 billion budget is fully funded by the Federal and Provincial Governments - to provide transit service from Don Mills to Conlins Road.”

                                                       30% In Favour                                       70% Opposed


“Extension of the Sheppard Subway, from Don Mills to McCowan, is anticipated to cost more than $2 billion (if Sheppard East LRT funds were turned over) and more than $3 billion (if LRT funds were not turned over) - if this subway was approved by City Council.  It would be built instead of the LRT.”                                                                                              

-If funds for a Sheppard Subway extension were provided by the Provincial and Federal Governments:

                                                      96%  In Favour                                       4%  Opposed


-If additional funds for a Sheppard Subway extension were raised through City taxes:

                                                      56%  In Favour                                       44% Opposed


-If additional funds for a Sheppard Subway extension were raised through tolls + user fees:

                                                      63%  In Favour                                       37%  Opposed

-If additional funds for a Sheppard Subway extension raised through City taxes, tolls + user fees:

                                                      67%  In Favour                                       33% Opposed

The results of this SEV BIA members’ transit questionnaire have been provided to leaders of the federal, provincial and city governments, as well as to the 6 political representatives for our area.

Metrolinx and the TTC have asked SEV BIA to again work closely with their construction planners (as we did from 2008 to 2010).  This will happen only after all governments complete final decisions about what type of transit will be built in our area. 

Our objectives will be to minimize disruption to our members’ businesses during transit construction and to maximize the long-term benefits for our area.

SEV BIA - as a local business association that is also a Board of the City of Toronto - has a policy of being both non-political and non-partisan.