Community Police Liaison Committee

For the past six months, Sheppard East Village BIA has been represented at the monthly meetings of the 42 Division Community Police Liaison Committee – one of the more active and productive CPLCs throughout Toronto.

This participation provides Sheppard East Village with direct communications to the local Police, under the leadership of Superintendant Kim Yeandle and Inspector David Vickers, whenever an issue arises in our area.  It also provides the Police with a means of sharing important information with our 525+ BIA members.

Recently, a team of volunteers, led by Staff-Sergeant Andy Ecklund, visited our area to cover up some graffiti that had appeared. 42 Division Police will also ensure that their patrols watch for those who are responsible, to ensure this does not become common practise in our area.

The Committee members also spent some time in Sheppard East Village recently, when their annual December dinner meeting took place in Borsalino Restaurant.