We May Serve the Food You Want

When people talk about Sheppard East Village, one comment comes up all the time: “We love the food in your area -tasty, reasonably priced and it’s authentic – just like the people who make and sell it.”

These comments came to mind with all the recent publicity – Toronto Star; CTV; Global TV and others – about a blog by American economist and author Tyler Cowen, in which he stated: “Scarborough is the best ethnic food suburb I have seen in my life – ever – by an order of magnitude.”

Tyler Cowen is known for his book “An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies” and recently enjoyed an impromptu tour of eating places in the east end of Toronto.   

One of 5 outlets Cowen visited was Remely’s Restaurant & Catering – serving Filipino food since 1997 from their 4830 Sheppard Avenue East location, at Shorting Avenue (behind Tim Horton’s).  

Congratulations to Vince Gutierrez and his colleagues at Remely’s – one of over 80 restaurants and food takeout businesses in Sheppard East Village that would love to serve you the next time you are looking for good food at good prices.